ASTE flyer for NSTA Reno Oct 2015

Regional Meet-up

Northwest Region of ASTE and the Far West Region of ASTE are getting together at the Regional NSTA conference in Long Beach and having a sort of Regional ASTE Conference.  Deadline is fast approaching, February 9.  So get those proposals in!  2014-2015 NSTA-ASTE Guide for submission of proposals Send to Lisa at L.martinhansen@csulb.edu

We are planning for poster sessions to include the following emphases (to accommodate all types of universities):

  • Teaching strategies/Pedagogical Examples
  • Unique Course Design
  • Research in Science Education (cultural, pedagogical, philosophical)
  • Descriptions of Science Education Programs/Workshops/Initiatives
  • Informal Science Education

We have a section for research papers and sessions for instructional strategies (modeling/presenting).  We will likely use a round table discussion format for the research papers in order to accommodate several research papers in one time slot.  Research may include literature reviews and philosophical papers.

Please encourage your students to present as well.

Additionally, we are planning our regional business meetings and will gather folks together for a dinner out as a group in the Long Beach area.