Virtual Regional Listening Sessions & Virtual Meet-up

Northwest Region of ASTE is looking to host three listening sessions in Fall 2019 (Oct / Nov / Dec). Dates to be selected based on the following Doodle Poll (https://doodle.com/poll/rv3ekk98xu3dysvx) and announced here by October 25th.

In addition to these meetups, we plan on hosting a virtual Poster Session in order to increase communication, collaboration and inclusiveness (especially for our graduate students) – more details forthcoming.

We are planning for poster sessions to include the following emphases:

  • Teaching strategies/Pedagogical Examples
  • Unique Course Design
  • Research in Science Education (cultural, pedagogical, philosophical)
  • Descriptions of Science Education Programs/Workshops/Initiatives
  • Informal Science Education

Please encourage your students to present as well.